General Conditions


The prices for renting vary according to apartment and season, and are referred to one week, from Saturday to the next Saturday.

Check-in and check-out

The check-in is expected to be between 17 p.m. and 20 p.m.
The check-out is expected to be between 8.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m.
In case of delays or changes of timetables, please inform the owner.
The guests have to give the voucher to the owner, with all the indications needed: date of stay, apartment, number of people and so on.

Mode of payment

To complete the reservation, guests have to pay 30% of the total price through bank transfer SWIFT and give promptly the details to the owner.
When guests arrive, they are supposed to pay the remaining 70% of the bill.

Tourist tax

You do not need to pay the tourist tax for staying here, as it is a case of “renting apartment” with tourist rental contract pursuant to the article number 1571 of the Civil Code conforming with the existing regulations.

Tariffs include

Water and energy consumption, furniture in the apartments, bed linen and towels, Wi-Fi Internet, swimming pool, parking place, small bed for babies, beds that can be added, football field, ping-pong table, barbecue, laundry service.

Caution money

You have to pay caution money right at your arrival.
The money will be given back to you at your departure. In case of damages money can be deducted from the sum.


There are no charges for cleaning, but our guests are supposed to leave the apartment cleaned up.

Administrative and booking expenses

Administrative and booking expenses are indicated in the list of the apartments. They vary according to their size.

Tame animals

Only cats are allowed. The guests have to inform the owner about the presence of tame animals at the time of the reservation.


For staying in the apartment and bathing in the swimming pool our guests are supposed to be polite and respectful towards the structure and the other guests.


The owner is responsible for ordinary repairs (gardening, controlling the swimming pool, and so on).


The building is covered by the insurance company ALLIANCE in defence of civil liability.


In case of avoidance of reservations made by guests, we will give you back the deposited money with the following penalties:
minus 20% of the total price if the avoidance occurs at least 60 days before the beginning of the renting.
Minus 30% of the total price between the 59th and the 45th day before the beginning of the renting.
Minus 50% of the total price between the 44th and the 30th day before the beginning of the renting.
Minus 90% of the total price between the 29th and the 1st day before the beginning of the renting.
Minus 100% of the total price if it occurs in the day of the arrival.

To avoid all responsibility

The owner is not directly responsible in case of illegitimate use of the structures, failures in the national power line, or exceptional atmospherics. In these cases the owner will do all he possibly can to timely solve troubles.

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