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Wheat Harvest

You can follow the various phases in the process of the wheat harvest which is carried out by using traditional methods. The harvested wheat, which comes from ancient varieties (Verna, Gentil bianco, Gentil rosso, Frassineto, Le Grand Bleu), is cut by hand and gathered up in sheaves. An old threshing machine has been repaired and it is still used today. In a few years there will be a “wheat festival” with friends and acquaintances of Macinella.

Olive Harvest

Our oil is produced from the 97 olive trees grown around the houses in Casaglia. Four different types of olive trees can be distinguished: Moraiolo, Frantoio, Correggiolo and Leccino. The olive harvest is carried out in November, and the olives are picked exclusively by hand, directly from the tree, and immediately pressed. This is the traditional method. The product obtained through this method has an extremely low acidity and maintains all the nutritional values and the typical characteristics unaltered.

Grape Harvest for Producing Wine and “Vinsanto”

Our wine comes from a vineyard with rows of vines planted according to the local tradition, or rather using natural supports, with a variety of grapes which have been carefully selected: Trebbiano, Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colorino, Malvagia, Ciliegiolo, on a hill between San Gimignano and Casaglia. The wine that we produce today by using the traditional method is the same wine that the Tuscan farmers drank 50 years ago. It is produced after the phases of natural fermentation, boiling, separation, and filtering.

Saffron Harvest

The saffron grown around the medieval Tower of Macinella comes from selected bulbs and it is harvested during the autumnal equinox, when new flowers bloom every day. We take three red pistils from them, and then we put them in an envelope after they have dried up. This method was common in the Middle Ages because the saffron was used as medicinal herb, in gastronomy, and for dyeing. Because of its use it was very expensive. For this reason it was compared with gold, and it was used instead of money for paying.

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